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We are located in Monroe Harbor on the North Harbor Dock about 100 yards north of the Chicago Yacht Club at the intersection of Monroe and Dusable Lake Shore Drive.  Please send me a text to 773 791 7090 when you are getting close and I will flag you down.

If you are driving to the harbor, Many have success parking with the Spot Hero app, or you can try Dusable Harbor parking, but this is closed sometimes on busy days. Your best bet is to park in the Millennium Park Garage located underground at the intersection of Columbus and Monroe streets. Park in the south east lot. Exit the parking garage on foot at the far south east corner and you will come out at the intersection of Monroe street and Dusable Lake Shore Drive, turn left and walk 100 yards following the bend and the first dock you come to is where we will meet.  Do not go to the Chicago Yacht Club. If you pass the large blue and white ship, you've gone way too far.

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